Aximmetry Studio

Virtual Studio

Today the realtime 3D technology is widely used in the television program production process which allows one to create virtual sites and animated backgrounds adapting automatically to the moving cameras.
Aximmetry Studio, one of our products, targets this area. The 3D engine which is the core of Aximmetry system contains all the already known and used elements of TV program making world moreover it enables one to create much more advanced virtual sites than before. It deploys the knowledge and performance of the newest generation video cards.

Using the content and scene editor called Composer it is easy to build up the 3D virtual sites and the connections which enable interactivity during the live show. Performer, our intuitive touch-screen tool functions as a control surface during the show. As a result the level of interactivity and real-time controllability of contents and effects of the displayed 3D space rise to the level previously unknown.

The touch-screen itself can be eye candy in certain programs. In these programs the presenter or anchor can conduct the simplified, custom built interface layout and functionality control surface under the public eye.

Single-PC technology

The single-PC based application is one of the greatest strength of Aximmetry Studio. As a result the generated virtual background and the video content (incoming whether from camera whether any other video-tool) can be framed into the final image using only one computer.

One of the advantages that the possible ways of composing are greatly expands. One can spatially place the persons between virtual objects, or can move the camera virtually (VR-CAM) as well. All the interactive possibilities and effecting methods are available for the live images as characterized by the whole system of Aximmetry.