Broadcast Graphics

Virtual 3D studio spaces, 2D/3D inscription graphics, multimonitor walls, studio touch screens, single-PC solutions.


Virtual Studio

Realtime 3D technology is widely used in the broadcast world for creating virtual sites and animated backgrounds.


Stage Performances

Performer is a unique interface designed for multi-touch screen, which enables a virtuoso performance.


Single-PC Technology

The generated virtual background and the video content can be framed into the final image using only one computer.


Name of Beneficiary: Aximmetry Technologies Ltd.

Title of project: "AXIMMETRY STUDIO LIGHT - virtuális stúdió"
Grant Amount: 4 million HUF
100% grant funded
Scope: Feasibility Study of the AXILIGHT product
Completion of the project 30.04.2017.
Project ID: KKV_15-1-2016-0008


Features related to broadcast usage. Virtual studios, inscription graphics, multimonitor systems, studio touch screens, single-PC solutions.


Features related to on-stage usage, presentations and video installations. Multiprojector systems, monitor walls, image synthesis, projection mapping, interactive control devices.


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The core of Aximmetry software is our own developed 3D render engine that can be programmed through a highly flexible node-based user-interface. On the top of this core, we have built specialized applications targeting the fields of broadcasting, stage performances and presentations.

We exploit the abilities of todays graphics hardware: for example a virtual studio interior can be rendered in a previously unseen complexity and visual quality.

When used on a stage, the projected visuals can be real-time generated 2D or 3D imagery, therefore they can be interactively shaped by the performer. Customized intuitive control interfaces can be created for the needs of presentations and video installations.

composer panels

Studio Technical Promo

This video introduces some technical features of our virtual studio and broadcast graphics system.

Stage Appearance

An early application of Aximmetry for stage back-projection performed at the Palace of Arts in Budapest in 2012.

The Hungarian Frank Zappa Tribute Band featuring famous hungarian musicians like Ádám Török (flute), Béla Szakcsi Lakatos (keys), Tibor Tátrai (guitar) Charlie Horváth (vocals)and the former keyboard player of Syrius, László Pataki translated this vintage piece of work into their own, modern language alongside the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company.

Thanks to the finest directing skills of András Almási-Tóth, the components of music, visual and dance resulted in a brand new form of art, premiered for the first time in the World.