Aximmetry Online Documentation


    Installation, Content Packages  (video)

    Overview Of Applications  (video)

    (soon...) Composer Menu Overview, Help  (video)

    (soon...) Editor Panels - 01 - The Docking System  (video)

    (soon...) Editor Panels - 02 - Overview Of The Panels  (video)

For Studio Operators

    Setting Up Virtual Sets with VR Cameras  (video)

    Setting Up Virtual Sets with Tracked Cameras

    Setting Up a Multi-Machine Configuration

    Using the Advanced B Keyer

    All-In-One Studio, Recording, Audio  (video)

    Camera Mover Mouse Control

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Command Line Switches

    Studio Diagram: Virtual, 3 camera, 1 PC  

    Studio Diagram: Tracked, 3 camera, 1 PC

    Studio Diagram: Tacked, 3 camera, 3 PC

    Studio Diagram: Tracked, 3 camera, 3 PC, external keyer

For VJs / Visual Artists

    (soon...)  Performer: Getting Started

    (soon...)  Performer: External Controllers

    (soon...)  Performer: Parameter Animation, Pulse

    (soon...)  Performer: Creating Compound Patches

    (soon...)  Performer: Panorama, Mapping, Masking

    (soon...)  Performer: Recording

    (soon...)  Performer: Watchdog


For Content Creators

    Getting Started - 01 - Basics  (video)

    Getting Started - 02 - 3D  (video)

    Getting Started - 03 - Animation  (video)

    Project System, File Browser, File Operations  (video)

    Outputs and Channels, Multi-GPU  (video)

    Pin Data Types (Compound and Shader)

    (soon...)  Pin Data Types - 01 - Numeric Types  (video)

    (soon...)  Pin Data Types - 02 - Logical, Trigger  (video)

    (soon...)  Pin Data Types - 03 - Color, Text  (video)

    Pin Data Types - 04 - Transformation, Collection  (video)

    (soon...)  Pin Data Types - 05 - Video, Audio  (video)

    (soon...)  Inputs and Controllers, Device Mapper  (video)

    Using an Image Sequence As a Video

    Shader Categories and Naming Convention

    Creating New Shaders

    Format Strings

A Complete Studio Scene

    Complete Studio Scene - 01 - Introduction  (video)

    Complete Studio Scene - 02 - Importing The Model  (video)

    Complete Studio Scene - 03 - Baking The Lights  (video)

    Complete Studio Scene - 04 - Optimizing Textures (optional)  (video)

    Complete Studio Scene - 05 - Specular, AO  (video)

    Complete Studio Scene - 06 - Reflections  (video)

    Complete Studio Scene - 07 - Glow  (video)

    Complete Studio Scene - 08 - Controllable Lighting  (video)

    Complete Studio Scene - 09 - Testing with Green  (video)

    Complete Studio Scene - 10 - Virtual Screen  (video)

Useful Additional Info

    BCn Texture Compression Formats

    Lua Reference Manual


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